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Two-Tier Affiliate Programs

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About TopRanked

As a comprehensive affiliate directory, TopRanked intends to democratize access to affiliate monetization channels to large swaths of potential affiliates. At TopRanked, our goal is to offer a platform that brings together affiliate marketers in search of the perfect program and the merchants and operators who offer such affiliate programs. And we intend to do so by cutting out the countless middlemen who rarely offer any tangible benefit to either party.

TopRanked: Your Comprehensive Affiliate Directory

A comprehensive affiliate directory also relies on outside resources to get the job done. So we also publish a regular blog and affiliate newsletter on Born2Invest in support of our initiatives here at TopRanked.

Our Team

Our executive team brings over 40 years of combined experience and expertise to the affiliate marketing table. We launched TopRanked out of necessity and to capitalize on a crucial industry gap: the lack of a respected, unbiased and authoritative directory that serves affiliate merchants and affiliate marketers equally. 

At TopRanked, our goal is to empower affiliates with the best programs that fit their specific needs in terms of content and monetization. At the same time, we assist affiliate merchants in their efforts to identify the most suitable affiliates for their program.

Dom Einhorn TopRanked

Founder. A power affiliate for the past 30 years with over $500 million in affiliate transactions.

Lucas Caneda TopRanked

Co-founder. Lucas is in charge of operations and our Hispanic affiliate marketing initiatives.

Mia Hanh Nguyen TopRanked

Co-founder. Dr. Mia spearheads our premium affiliate merchant campaigns and programs.

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